Responsible Investing

Commitment Takes Action

Responsibility is an active pursuit that unites all parts of our firm; from how we operate within our communities, to the way we assess and engage with companies, and the investment solutions we provide our clients.

Our Approach

Commitment to Being a Responsible Firm
Commitment to Being a Responsible Firm

Effective responsible investing must start with an unwavering commitment to being a responsible firm.

ESG Integration and Engagement
ESG Integration and Engagement

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration and engagement are fundamental to our active investment and research processes.

Portfolios with Purpose
Portfolios with Purpose

Leveraging our perspective as a responsible firm and investor, we’ve designed Portfolios with Purpose to meet specific ESG-related objectives. 

Our Philosophy and Process

ESG considerations are deeply ingrained in our investment decisions across our active portfolios—and in the way we engage with companies and stakeholders.

Seth Bernstein, President and CEO, AllianceBernstein

Bridging Climate Science and Investing

Recognizing the growing commercial, economic and regulatory imperative to be more proactive in addressing the complex issues that climate change creates for financial markets, AB’s investment professionals have collaborated with climate experts at Columbia University’s Earth Institute to produce a first-of-its kind “Climate Change & Investment Academy” for asset owners.

Innovative ESG Research:

AB’s Proprietary Research and Engagement Collaboration Platforms


ESIGHT is a one-stop online shop where all AB investment teams can access and share proprietary research and engagement information about corporate ESG practices in real time.


PRISM is our fixed-income credit-rating and risk-scoring platform, which also provides independent ESG assessments and scores that impact investment decisions.


Investment Range

ESG Integration and Engagement

All of AB’s actively-managed portfolios integrate ESG factors and engage with issuers, either to gain insight or encourage action. Our investment teams use AB’s proprietary tools to determine which ESG issues are material to performance, how they should be integrated into investment decisions, and to encourage the businesses they own to take them into account.


Our sustainable portfolios invest in companies whose products and services contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These portfolios focus on three themes: climate, health and empowerment.

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Sustainable Investing
Sustainable Investing

Generating positive environmental, social and investment outcomes